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Westwood Medical Clinic provides the following services to patients

We are now offering Prenatal care.

Dr. F. Anashara has decided to start taking prenatal patients from early stages of pregnancy to 28 weeks. At 28 weeks a transition to an Obstetric Physician will take place. Some patients come in with names of physicians they would like as their Obstetric Physican, while others may have no one in mind. Dr. Anashara will help you find one that will deliver your baby at the facility you request. St. Boniface Hospital and Women's Hospital Health Science Centre are the two hospitals in Winnipeg that offer labour and delivery.

To set up an appointment to see Dr. Anashara please call the clinic at 204-832-1363.


Rexall Pharmacy right next door with access to quality proven medications. Rexall offers free home delivery, which is available city wide.


Gama Dynacare Lab onsite:

Hours: Monday to Friday 8:00am- 4:00pm

Closed weekends and holidays


  • Will not tolerate aggressive or verbal behavior, actions displaying this type of behavior, you will be asked to leave and/or the police will be called.
  • Will absolutely not prescribe narcotics or controlled medications will be given out through the Walk -In
  • No Referrals will be done through the Walk-In, you need to see your family physician for this.
  • Require you to provide a current health card for each visit, otherwise you have to pay in advance for your visit.
  • Will not see any WCB claims/visits.
  • No vaginal exams will be performed through the Walk-In.
  • One person one problem through the Walk-In

Uninsured Services Price List

Description Amount
Note/Work/Daycare/MD Note $20.00
Administration Fee Needles ie; twin rix, cortezone $20.00
TB one step $50.00
TB two step $100.00
Office Visits for Out of Country Patients $80.00
Drivers Medical $100.00
Third Party Physicals ie; employment/cosmetic $100.00
Missed Appointments/ No Shows $40.00
Missed Appointments Physicals $100.00
Disabled Parking Form $40.00
Return to Work forms/ Disability forms $40.00-$200.00
Tax Credit Forms 1st one $60.00
Tax Credit Forms Follow ups $40.00
Camp/School Forms $50.00-$200.00
Misc Forms ie Travel Cancellation etc $40.00-$150.00
Chart Transfer $1.00 per page plus $25.00 admin fee
Copies of Test Results $1.00 per page

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