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About our Medical Center

Westwood Medical Clinic has been a part of the community for over 50 years. Starting in Jack Andrews Pharmacy, then relocating across the street to a brand new building at 3220 Portage Ave in the mid 1960’s with the final destination of 3320 Portage Ave, Westwood Village Mall in July 2009. We, the staff at Westwood Medical Clinic strive to meet the health needs of our patients.

Westwood Medical Clinic provides the following services to patients

Our medical staff:

Dr. T. H. Gooi

Dr. Stewart Silagy

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Each Family Physician at the Westwood Medical Clinic was recruited for his/her ability to provide high quality medical care while contributing to an excellent work environment and collegiate atmosphere.

If you are a family physician who values teamwork, an excellent work atmosphere and who holds him/herself to a high standard, we may have a place for you at our clinic.

Please contact Dr. T. Hean Gooi at (204)-832-1363


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